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I'm looking to commission an artist for a painting of the ancient Roman goddess Abuntia. Half-body, holding a flower-filled cornucopia, simple or no background.
This would suit an artist with an interest in mythology or fantasy, who's good at painting female characters and flowers. 
Please include thumbnails of relevant works you have painted (mythology, females or flowers)and tell me how much you would charge. 

- 8 hours later:
The applications are rolling in - some here in the forum, and many more by note. Most of them are copy-pasted standard applications that don't answer my questions. Apparently the artists didn't even bother to read the job description. If an artist doesn't read the job description or doesn't provide the information I've asked for, then I know they wouldn't read the brief or provide the art I asked for either. Just saying.  - On the positive side, this makes it easy to draw up a shortlist. :-)
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I'm Rayne Hall, author of fantasy and horror fiction. My website is here…

Here's a list of DA artists I've commissioned. 

Erica Syverson aka Komical (quite a lot of commissions actually - I've lost count. Including about 20 book covers)
Neamhni aka Fawnheart aka FawnhArt (several commissions: illustrations for book trailer video, avatar, etc)
Kuoke (several colour illustrations - book cover, fantasy townscape, OCs)
PRDart (3 illustrations for book covers)
LadyArmageddon (2 illustration for book cover, 1 OC)
headbangerdragon… (3 illustrations for book covers)
Spearcarrier (1 illustration for book cover)
CottonCritter… (1 commission: avatar icon)
mahomagic (1 illustration for book cover)
Remember2Live (1 illustration for book cover)
Reokii (1 illustration for personal use)
Fatina1988 (1 illustration for book cover)
Guinzoo (1 illustration for book cover)
SamDenmarkArt (1  illustration for book cover)
MissVirginia… (1OC for book trailer video)
AnaDalle (5 illustrations for book trailer videos)
Ninjae8825 (5 illustrations)
Sweettartslover… (several chibis and OC illustrations)
RollingAlien (3 OC illustrations)
VRS-Virus (1  illustration for book cover)
ShawCJ (1  illustration for book cover)
farly08… (10 0C illustrations)
IlovePfflyers (10 OC illustrations)
JSComics  (several OC illustrations)
TheSwanMaideN (4 illustrations for book covers)
GameofDolls (illustration for book cover, 20 interior greyscale illustrations)
Sevkyo (2 book covers)
ArunaWolf (2 OC illustrations)
TheJoker216 (several cartoons) 
Hanna-Riikka (lots of cartoons, I've lost count how many - about 60 maybe)
defcon7a (10 cartoon memes)

My Commissioning Information for Artists is here:

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